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Cross Linked Polystyrene is a co-polymer of Styrene & Di Vinyl Benzene. The Main applications of Cross Linked Polystyrene are :
  • As a filler in wax used in investment casting.
  • As a component in anti corrosive paints.
  • As a component in marine paints.
  • As a sustained release agent in pharmaceutical formulation.
  • As a taste masker in pharmaceutical formulation.
  • As a tablet disintegrater in pharmaceutical formulation.

Physical Appearance : White free flowing fine powder.
Particle Size : All material passing through BSS 120 Mesh.
Softening Point : >170°C
Volatiles : 2% Max
Ash Content : 0.05% Max
Bulk Density : 0.55 to 0.7 g/cc
Chemical Resistance : Highly inert, not affected by acids, alkalies, aliphatic alcohols & aromatic solvents.

We have two separate grades of Cross Linked Polystyrene for pharmaceutical applications they are sulphonated XLPS-SH & sulphonated XLPS-SNa. A separate write-up is available on the use of Cross Linked Polystyrene as a filler in investment casting & formulations of anti corrosive paints.

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